Faery Tales is born out of a passion for traditionally handmade teddy bears, dark fairy tales and folk lore and the sheer magic which happens when  stories are told in rhyme. Together, a beautiful world can be created full of wonderfully cute & cuddly characters and stories full of magical mystery yet harbouring an uneasy foreboding.


Fairytales can be romantic and heartfelt but they can also be chilling and perilous. If you also champion Brothers Grimm over Disney you will know that happily ever after isn't necessarily a foregone conclusion. Faery Tales recreates these classic, timeless tales in lyrical narrative rhyme, both honouring and embracing the dark subtext they convey so well.


The stories here at Faery Tales are for children age 6+ due to the darker content but are certainly for adults too. Adults who, as the author, have a passion for classic storytelling, fairytales and the rhythmical magic of rhyme.

With Faerytale as its maiden title look out for future releases of all of your favourite fairytales including The Pied Piper, The Frog Prince, Rumplestiltskin and much more! Faery Tales will also be releasing activity books for children, keeping fairytales as its primary focus.

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