Faerytale, told in narrative rhyme, centres on two sisters, Evie and her older sister Lissy  While playing, Lissy finds that Evie has disappeared down a rabbit hole and is lost in a dangerous land of twisted fairy tales. A darker account of the classic tales of Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, Faerytale is a chilling story of Lissy's journey to find and rescue Evie before the land is swallowed by impenetrable darkness...

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Help Lissy make her way through the land of Faerytale to find her little sister! A beautifully crafted activity book for children with lots of fairy tale themed activities including word search, mazes, sudoku, rhyming puzzles, spot the difference and plenty of hand drawn pictures to colour in! In the second half of the book complete your Faerytale adventure by learning how to write in rhyme with guidance and extra pages to encourage you to write your own twisted fairytale!


The Pied Piper retells the tale of Hamelin town and the devastation caused when they chose to cross a stranger, Thomas Bard. After mysteriously ridding the town of a plague of rats, Thomas Bard returns to request the payment promised. However, after refusing to pay in full, the people of Hamelin end up paying the ultimate price when the piper returns the following night...

The Pied Piper is a classic tale now hauntingly retold in narrative rhyme with beautiful illustrations and with the original darkness of the Brothers Grimm.

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The Frog Prince is a classic tale now enchantingly retold in narrative rhyme. With the darkness of the original Brothers Grimm version, The Frog Prince tells the tale of a lonely Princess who makes a promise to a frog she cannot break. Forced to have him by her side within her father’s dreary castle she soon finds his company not quite as repulsive as she initially thought. But there is more to her slimy companion than meets the eye...  

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