I grew up in West Somerset on the edge of Exmoor and by the sea - the best of both worlds. 

Fantasy films, particularly Lord of the Rings, the films of Tim Burton and childhood classics such as Labyrinth and Dark Crystal have been of continual inspiration to me, the study of which helped me obtain a BA(hons) in Film Studies. My love of dark fairytales saw me favouring Brothers Grimm over Disney and, far from waning over the years my imagination has grown, making the most out of dull situations and helping me to weave tales of magic and mystery out of ordinary everyday occurrences.

From a very early age I would write poems to my grandmother in London about the mice which lived in our respective houses. A passion for writing in rhyme has nestled in our family for generations. Now I want to share my stories and rhyme through my creation, Faery Tales, with anyone who understands the need for good old-fashioned story-telling. Not just for children but for adults who long for more than just the reality they live in everyday.

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